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After you Apply for Brand Ambassadors Program Follow us on Instagram @fashionpaparazzis. Once you have approved for Brand Ambassadors Program DM us for the discount coupon.


Q. How to become our Brand ambassadors?

1.Register with us

2.Go to Brand ambassadors page.

3. Click Apply.

Within 24 hours your request would be approved by us.

Q. How to promote products using my affiliate id

  1. Go to the product you want promote.
  2. Copy the URL/Link of the product.
  3. Then go to your Brand Ambassador account go to the menu and click “Generate Links”.
  4. Paste the URL in the page URL and click” Generate”.
  5. Now copy the referral URL.And it where ever you want.

see the video

Q. Benifits of Being our Brand ambassadors?

1.Our Brand ambassador receives 20% commission on all the sales they made.

2.Ambassadors receive up to 70% OFF exclusive discounts.

3.Our Brand ambassador receives a Free giveaway in a particular month in which they made 10 or more sales for us.

Q. What to do as Brand Ambassador?

Brand Ambassadors vote on new products & tag other people and share our word with other people on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms mention us on blogs or youtube etc.

Follow us on Instagram and on Facebook:-


and become our official Brand Ambassador. Our official brand Ambassador will be featured on our website.

Q. How you get payout?

First Click on the settings from menu and enter your Payment Email.(PayPal email) and click submit.

Now you will get your payout automatically to your mentioned PayPal address at the last week of the month.

There will a threshold amount of $20. As soon as you reach to threshold you will  be eligible for payout


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